Fagun Thakrar

WBP Global Forum Ambassador, Film Director/Actress/Producer, Activist, UK

I am delighted to take on this new position where I can integrate my medical background with my work as an filmmaker. We’re setting high visions for this important forum to have a global outreach, and in the future to have annual meetings across countries, hopefully starting next with the UK, India and the US above all considering that WBP is such a global organization already . Understanding the reasons why certain mental and brain diseases affect disproportionally one sex rather than the other it has to become a priority on the global agenda. This is essential when studying solution for for depression, anxiety, migraine and alzheimers’ disease who are more frequent in women or Parkinson’s disease , amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or autism which happen more in men. To understand the underlying reasons, whether biological, societal or both will pave the way to achieve precision medicine resulting in timely bringing the right intervention at the right person.”

Fagun Thakrar is a critically acclaimed British Actress, Writer-Director and Activist who has appeared in a number of Hollywood and international films and has starred alongside Academy award winner Brie Larson, Donald Sutherland and Martin Sheen. Fagun studied Medicine at the University College London, this is where her interest in neuroscience started. Fagun is currently directing a first-of-its-kind documentary film on the intersection between meditation and neuroscience. As an artist Fagun is particularly drawn to cinematic roles with strong intellectual content that communicate a broader social message. As a writer-director Fagun similarly engages in projects which educate people’s perspectives on the world. Fagun has always been actively involved in local level and global non-profit work with children, girls, women and the health sector. She has worked with The United Nations, Amnesty International and others. She has established herself as a global champion of health and wellbeing throughout the world, working with disadvantaged children to world leaders and national presidents. Fagun has also recently founded her own global non-profit, The Fagun Foundation, dedicated to empowering girls and women worldwide to overcome barriers in their educational, professional, and personal lives through using creativity. Fagun lives between the UK and the US. After medical school, Fagun trained in Classical and Contemporary Acting at the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London and then went on to study film directing in US. In addition to her non-profit and cinematic profession, her career achievements also span a wide range of industries and passions including fashion, business and teaching.