Fagun Thakrar

Fagun Thakrar: A new Ambassador for the WBP Forum

Last week, it became official: Fagun Thakrar, a British actress, writer, director, and activist has been confirmed as a new ambassador for the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health (read the Press Release here).

Fagun is the kind of woman we love, who defies stereotypes and labels, and is a force of nature.

She studied medicine at the University College London, where she developed an interest in neuroscience. Alongside her work as an actress, Fagun founded her own global non-profit, The Fagun Foundation – dedicated to empowering girls and women across the globe to overcome barriers in their educational, professional and personal lives through the transformative power of creativity.

Fagun has also been doing research on the effects of meditation on the human brain in the context of her latest project, a documentary called “How Our Brains Are Affected by Meditation”.

The Women’s Brain Project looks forward to working with Fagun to put brain and mental health on the global agenda, including a spotlight on sex and gender differences. Her ability to bring together the scientific and creative worlds, and to do so in an inspiring, stylish, and compelling, manner, is an exciting prospect.

Fagun will be the “co-host” of the WBP’s Forum, sharing the Master of Ceremony role with Sylvia Day, a Women’s Brain Project Ambassador. She will also deliver a keynote address, thereby joining the ranks of experts, patients, and Sophia the Humanoid Robot.

To attend the Forum, register here.