Teaser: Socioeconomic Risk Factors Through the Gender Lens

Teaser: Socioeconomic Risk Factors Through the Gender Lens

Various factors influence both physical and mental health. Beyond elements including genetics, nutrition, and exercise, socioeconomic factors – such as income, education, and social status – have also been studied extensively with regard to their impact on health. Other than the biological variances contributing to gender differences in brain and mental health, research highlights the significant impact of socioeconomic risk factors on these differences too.

Panel 3 “Socioeconomic Risk Factors Through the Gender Lens” will address the socioeconomic female burden as patients and caregivers, as well as its implications for women’s mental and brain health.

The lineup will be as follows:

  • Ladina Caduff, Director Corporate Affairs, Microsoft Switzerland (Introduction)
  • Amanda Kayne, CNN Money Switzerland (Moderator)
  • Elina Suzuki, Health Policy Analyst at OECD, France
  • Wendy Weidner, Research and Policy Project Lead Alzheimer’s Disease International, UK
  • Stefania Ilinca, Atlantic Fellow, Global Brain Health Institute, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Rajendra Dhamane, Winner of the THE ONE International Humanitarian Award, Founder of The Mauli House, India

With speakers with diverse scientific and research backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions, the discussion will range from gender inequalities and access to health, caregiving, and cultural differences.

We look forward to sharing the latest research, personal insights and more with you to broaden our understanding of health and how this is connected to all aspects of life.

Curious as to what this session builds on? Read about Panel 2 here. As for what comes next? Read about Panel 4 here (that blog will be published on Thursday 23 May 2019).

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