Teaser for “Towards Digitalization & AI Interpretation of Biomarkers”

Teaser for “Towards Digitalization & AI Interpretation of Biomarkers”

Artificial intelligence (AI) and novel technologies can make it easier for us to identify patterns in huge datasets, as well as better stratify patients for precision medicine. For example, machine learning can be leveraged to build predictive algorithms, based on classical as well as digital biomarkers.

Panel 7 “Towards Digitalization & AI Interpretation of Biomarkers”, will consider how digital biomarkers can support current medicine by substituting current biomarkers, but also by creating a completely novel approach.

The lineup will be as follows:

  • Thomas Brenzikofer , DayOne Basel, Switzerland (Moderator)
  • Antonella Santuccione Chadha, CEO, WBP; Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland (Introduction)
  • Mira Katan, Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
  • Panayiotis Vlamos, Founder Research Center for Computational Biomarkers, BiHELab, Greece
  • Petranka Krumova, Digital Endpoints Development, Roche, Switzerland
  • Christoph Ebell, Senior vice President of Neuroscience-20, Verticai Consulting and Ventures, Switzerland

With speakers with diverse scientific and research backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions, the discussion will range from the use of regular and digital biomarkers in the progression of Alzheimer’s to how to integrate sex and gender into machine learning, and what we can learn from the use of digital biomarkers in neuroinflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

We look forward to sharing current technology used and new developments, the potential of digital medicine, and more with you to understand what challenges exist for the integration of AI and novel technologies into sex and gender based medicine.

Curious as to what this session builds on? Read about Panel 6 here. As for what comes next? Read about Panel 8 here (that blog will be published Thursday 30 May 2019).

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