Teaser for “Leveraging AI to Address Gender Bias”

Teaser for “Leveraging AI to Address Gender Bias”

Artificial intelligence (AI) and novel technologies have the potential to change the world. The issue of AI reflecting gender bias has been addressed again and again, but here the question we will be asking and attempting to answer is how AI can contribute to addressing gender bias.

As the last panel of this two-day Forum, Panel 8 “Leveraging AI to Address Gender Bias”, will consider how a system created by individuals and cultures full of gender bias can perhaps assist in addressing the issue. A special guest will be Sophia the Humanoid Robot.

The lineup will be as follows:

  • Tracy Laabs, Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, Switzerland (Introduction)
  • Nicoletta Iacobacci, Singularity University, Switzerland (Moderator)
  • James Hughes, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Trinity College in Hartford, USA
  • Antonella Santuccione Chadha, CEO, WBP; Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland
  • Silvina Catuara Solarz, Telefónica Innovation Alpha, Spain
  • Stephanie Creff, Co-Founder, Ellpha Project, EU
  • Nikolaos Mavridis, Director, Interactive Robots and Media Lab MIT, USA
  • Sophia, Advanced Humanoid, Hanson Robotics, Hong Kong
  • Mara Hank Moret, Philanthropist

With speakers with diverse scientific and research backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions, the discussion will range from how to work side by side with AI powered robots, how this power can be harnessed for better, more equalitarian medicine, and the ethical guardrails needed to avoid what so many sci-fi movies warn us against.

We look forward to sharing expert opinions on AI and novel technology’s potential, and a Q&A with Sophia the Humanoid Robot to end the Forum on an inspiring and forward-thinking note.

Curious as to what this session builds on? Read about Panel 7 here.

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