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Sponsorship & Partnership opportunities

From our experience we know that international conferences are rich with sponsorship opportunities and their standard associated benefits. They can allow for your organisation’s visibility and improved recognition, strengthen its reputation, create an interesting pipeline for new partnerships.

At WBP we offer this and dare to go beyond. The International Forum on Women’s Brain & Mental Health 2019 offers a set of unique opportunities to organizations and individuals to be part of these exceptional discussions and a research platform. Therefore, we propose the flexibility to create a sponsorship package that’s right for you and your organization. You can either choose a sponsorship category and pick items from the à la carte opportunities below or propose other items.

For more information on 2019 Forum tailored proposals and details on the sponsorship categories and à la carte opportunities please contact secretariat@forum-wbp.com .

2019 Forum’s Sponsorship categories:

Bronze CHF 5’000

Silver CHF 10’000

Gold CHF 20’000

Platinum CHF 50’000 (8 available)

Titanium 70000 CHF (2 available)

2019 Forum’s à la carte opportunities:

  • Forum Fellowship: 1’500 (per fellow)
  • Resources library: 15’000
  • Live streaming: 12’000
  • Branded Panel discussion: 10’000
  • Welcome Reception: 10’000
  • Event & Registration website: 7’000
  • Innovation presentation: 5’000
  • Networking Lunch: 6’000
  • Networking Breakfast: 4’000
  • Branded coffee break: 3’000
  • Wi-Fi: 2’500
  • Overall signage: 2’500
  • Charging station: 2’500
  • Booth space: 2’000
  • Water stations: 1’500
  • Lanyards: 1’500

All prices are in CHF, local VAT will apply


If you and your organization would like to contribute to and benefit from the ongoing research opportunities around sex and gender influence on brain and mental health, beyond the Forum, the Women’s Brain Project offers Corporate Membership portfolio.

To explore further corporate tailored opportunities please contact:
Mariateresa.ferretti@womensbrainrpoject.com or info@womensbrainproject.com